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Keep JESUS Name Rolling !!

This is a brief  autobiography of

            REV Dr Ben Christopher don: 
  Rev Dr Ben Christopher DON The Founder !! 
Is the President and Senior Pastor of Higher Heights Christian Embassy Inc. An Apostolic-Charismatic type ministry based in Kumasi-Ghana West Africa. He is a member and also relates with the Church of NATIONS For more on Information click Victory Clan  
       He holds a Diploma in Missiology from African International Bible College-Nigeria. Certificate in Discipleship and also a Certificate in Humanities & International relations from University of the Nations. (YWAM) Ghana and Togo respectively.
      Holds an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity from Muskegon Bible Institute USA.
      He is the National Coordinator for Unity for Africa Peace and Reconciliation Movement, Headquartered in USA. Also the Coordinator for United Apostolic Churches and Ministerial Association Ghana. 2nd Presiding BISHOP FOR  ICOA  Click For More On ICOA
       He is married to Rev Mrs. Mary Christopher Don and they are blessed with two sons namely Shobi and Sharon Don


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