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Keep JESUS Name Rolling !!



The Church's Vision



Higher Heights Christian Embassy Inc: Is experiencing fast growth in our church services. For lack of space in our place of Worship, we have began two services:

Time:      8.00  10 Am
               10:15 12:30 Pm
Even with this, we sense we are outgrowing the facility we use for our Worship Center. Therefore, we have began the journey to own our own permanent facility in the city of Kumasi.
We invite those who have heard the call to "Join Us and Build". There is an ongoing arrangement to purchase a big facility that will serve a multi-purpose for the following:
* Church
* Bible School 
* office 
* administration
* Computer training schools
* video studio 
* training school 
* staff facility 
This facility we are trusting the lord to raise us an amount of $150,000 US  to make the project come to a reality. We enjoin you to pray with us in the venture and also prayerfully support us to secure the place financially.


In obeying the mandate and commission on this ministry to preach the gospel of the kingdom to all people: Rev Dr. Ben Christopher Don host a radio broadcast every Saturday on SPIRIT  FM  from 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM
This is a thirty minute, Word Feast, of Revelation, Insight and Prophetic lifting that bring healing to the hurting world.
To maintain this Ministry is a challenge. We are trusting the Lord to raise up with us those who have heard the "VOICE" to carry the great commission to all people.
For every donation is not small before God. All our financial supporters will  receive our weekly audio tapes free of charge
For every quarter of this Outreach, we need about $2,000 US  to cover cost and airtime.
You can email us now..........  
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